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“Is that ‘pigeon’s blood’ in your hand?” Surprised!! Yes, it’s a serious question. Oh! You are still surprised. Well, don’t go literally. Discovered anything? Okay, there goes your explanation. Oh wait! Let me ask another question. “Are you aware of the precious stones of the world?” Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and….‘Pigeon’s blood’. What were you telling? Ruby! Well, it’s the one and the same. Yes, the best coloured rubies are known as ‘pigeon’s blood.’ Ruby has been crowned as one of the precious stones that ever […]

Playfulness is what is embossed in the diamond cocktail rings for women which are quite in vogue these days. With the party trend encapsulating the entire globe, designer jewellery pieces are fast gaining popularity and people are looking for variant options to try out new looks and appeal. Cocktail rings are known for their huge big stones, which are beautifully placed on the thin and artistically designed rings or wires. Giving a perfect chic look, they are aptly designed for the cocktail parties. While trying […]

Wedding is one special occasion that is unique and memorable for lifetime. Every nuance is taken care to ensure that the event is remembered in the best possible way. To make the event even more special, people resort to varied kinds of jewellery which earmarks and personifies the D-Day. A popular stone which is considered to be worthy of appraisal is the diamond. There is something so unique about it that just a single jewel piece is sufficient to make the day. The opulence and […]

Diamonds have been used for engagement purpose ever since we can track down time. It has been some sort of tradition to propose a girl with diamond rings, which create an illusion of fantasy and surround the aura of love and romance. In fact, diamonds are believed to be a women’s biggest weakness. The crystal appearance embraced with artistically crafted cuts can adorn any piece of jewellery with a hint of elegance. But have you ever wondered how actually this trend of engagement rings started? […]

Diamond is one art piece, which seems to dazzle everyone with its charm. A sultry jewellery, it is a mark of timeless classic beauty which has entangled the entire world in its pang. Such is its beauty that one feels like ravishing in its opulence. Diamond rings for women are available in varied shapes and that’s what makes it even more popular and in demand. Varied cuts enhance the look and the radiance quotient earmarking a different opulence. In fact, the so called shine all […]

Diamonds have the only stones that women are fond of or covet at some point in their lives. Its amazing cuts, stunning glimmer and beautiful designs have been the core reason why they are so popular with the women. There are all kinds of jewelleries present in the market these days. But for women, there is nothing more precious and special than owning a diamond. The best way of owning this valuable stone is when you wear it on a ring, given by someone you […]

You wonder at your sudden popularity at a social event. Many people, especially women, seem to be gravitating towards your group, where you are talking animatedly. Suddenly, you realize the truth! It is not your words that are capturing everyone’s attention, but the large-sized cocktail diamond on your fourth finger. Despite its glittering, and sometimes, garish appearance, the cocktail ring may be worn at engagements and weddings, prom nights and balls, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and the like. Select your favorite color, shape, size and style. […]

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