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Men look for something special that is more than beauty in rings. Elevate your masculine features with the real style maker, diamond rings for men. Yes, you need royal features than romantic features, sensitive looks than seductive looks, solid designs and simple designs. We at really know how men are different from women and hence bring the excellent collections in the latest diamond rings for men that keep the line of difference without killing the aesthetic features. Change your look with a ring Change your look […]

Diamond Jewelry is much sought after by women all over the world. Being eternal, diamonds are a symbol of timeless romance and commitment. Heart Shape Diamond Rings are particularly cherished by women. They often serve as engagement rings and wedding rings. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store that markets exquisite range of diamond jewellery including diamond rings. Gold and diamond rings at KJ make a woman look glamorous and sophisticated. We understand that every piece of jewellery you own has some intense emotions attached […]

You may feel that you cannot live without the person you love. True love proceeds from engagement to marriage to anniversaries. All along this way, diamond bands will keep your connection alive for long years to come. But one might get confused while selecting diamond wedding bands as they come in different shapes, sizes, cuts and carats. The solution is Khanna Jewels (KJ) – an online shop that sells exclusive collection of diamond jewellery including diamond wedding bands Design. We sell diamond jewellery of top notch quality […]

Adding colors to love add thrills to your life. Happiness of your girl is the best inspiration for you to win the life and love the life. Yes, Colored Diamond Ring being the ever best friend of girl, comes to you as the right medicine you can use to washout all of the tensions and worries from the face of your special girl. Purchase colored diamond ring from and gift it to your girl to watch the burst of smiles and happiness. There is no doubt […]

Solitaire means one, the one accent diamond solitaire rings that stores the evergreen love union between you and your sweetie. You know your girl, her style and taste gift her solitaire power of love that will take her breath away for a moment. Engagement is that one day most girls look forward to. To make sure your would-be fiancée remembers the occasion of engagement for a lifetime, gift a ring which will beautifully reflect your love for her. Let the beauty of your love be seen in […]

Have you got bored with common diamonds? Do you love to get that special and unique look in diamond ring? Then this is the time to try it out. Real beauty of black is back in jewel market with solitaire black diamond ring. Yes, watch the fantastic mingling of white with black that makes the diamond more visible and attractive. Present population shows more interest and passion towards rings made with black diamond. Single stone is enough to hold the breath of everyone. Yes, solitaire means […]

From the moment you met your girl, your breath comes out with fragrances of love and romance. Your unconditional love and flirty sexy talks get new colors and extraordinary exclamatory point with engagement and marriage. You have to carry the tones, tunes and moods of love before marriage for long years when you are together after holding the palms. You should stay in close with the promises you made in your early loving periods to enjoy satisfied life. Here comes the importance of diamond three stone […]

Getting engaged is the most special moment of your life. Present her with a beautiful and unforgettable ring to cement your relationship forever. A diamond ring is an expression of your deepest emotions and the timeless love you feel for her. You can choose an Solitaire engagement ring based on her personality, likes and dislikes but you can never go wrong with a diamond solitaire ring Design. Single Diamond  solitaire rings are the ultimate engagement presents for the special day when you propose to her. A solitaire […]

Solitaire is surprise but there is no wonder in saying that it is the best stone to speak your love. Yes, countless couples and lovers enjoy smooth relationship with Solitaire Diamond Rings. It is not just a jewel; instead it is something that speaks the language of love and stay in touch with the feelings of hearts. This special character is what made it best ring for engagement, wedding and for Valentine’s Day. really knows the importance of solitaire rings in making love and hence […]

Diamonds are a forever friend for women, everywhere. Since ages women have been wearing diamond cocktail rings to get that royal look and make over their personality. A diamond is eternal, so diamond jewellery is craved for special timeless occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Among types of diamond jewellery, cocktail diamond rings are a favourite with women, especially in India. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store selling fine jewellery crafted in India. It features an amazing collection of diamond jewellery like diamond rings. Diamond […]

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