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Jewellery is a favourite adornment of women everywhere and since every age. Women are obsessed with having a jewellery collection made of jewellery of all kinds. Gemstone diamond rings are a favourite item among jewellery. A bejewelled ring brings out a new perspective to your personality. When your ring is made of gemstones, its appeal is multiplied. Gemstone diamond rings are not daily wear jewellery but because of their beauty, more and more women are buying them in several numbers to have a dazzling collection in […]

Women everywhere are obsessed with jewelry and they desire to have different types, designs and varieties. Jewelry not only enhances your personality but exudes beauty, grace and glamour. When jewelry is made of gemstones, their appeal is multiplied. Gemstone jewelry is a rare commodity and not meant for regular wear. But more and more women are falling in love with gemstone jewelry and are attracted to the different types of vibrant colors of gemstones. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features an exquisite collection of diamond gemstone […]

A solitaire ring refers to a ring mounted with a single, sparkling diamond. A solitaire ring is one of the most coveted and beautiful of all rings. They make for perfect engagement or wedding rings. Popular designs are single, perfect cut diamond at the centre of the ring or a solitary diamond surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. Both of these will win the hearts of the lovely lady who has agreed to tie the knot with you. There are different designs of solitaire rings. […]

Formed naturally in a rainbow of lovely gemstone colors, the Sapphire wedding rings remain one of the most popular ones in the gemstone industry. After the diamond, the sapphire is the second most durable gem. Sapphire wedding bands and engagement ring can stand the test of time. Couples who are looking for a sapphire and diamond wedding ring will unfortunately have to be able to browse through an array of treated sapphires, color choices and synthetic sapphires. When it comes to settling on one, the […]

Ruby wedding bands and engagement rings feature a gemstone loved for its amazing durability, rarity, high degree of fire and brilliance and fire, and a mesmerizing beauty. But it takes a smart shopper to spot ruby rings that hold an authentic and quality ruby gemstone. Here are the tips you should not forget when you go on a ruby shopping spree! First of all, start by purchasing the ring from a specialize retailer in the gemstone wedding band and engagement ring category. Also, do not […]

Treasured since centuries, the emerald engagement rings have a mesmerizing beauty which is quite rare. The stone is associated with planet Venus which is the Goddess of Love. The beauty of a green emerald remains unmatched by any other gemstone. However, the very high priced precious emerald rings need special care to make sure its quality lasts forever. It is very essential to remember that when it comes to choosing an emerald, the more you pay, the better you get. Less priced emerald wedding bands […]

Men look for something special that is more than beauty in rings. Elevate your masculine features with the real style maker, diamond rings. Yes, you need royal features than romantic features, sensitive looks than seductive looks, solid designs and simple designs. We at really know how men are different from women and hence bring the excellent collections in the latest diamond rings for men that keep the line of difference without killing the aesthetic features. Change your look with a ring Change your look […]

Rings play a great role in adding plus to fashion statement and meaning to life. Yes, we add extra pulse of beauty to finger with a fancy ring as a part of fashion’s statement. But when you wear the ring on your engagement or marriage day, it brings the real meaning for life. Yes, rings are there always in your life. When it is of diamond, the quality and beauty of ring can’t be explained and it goes beyond the words. We at really […]

Cocktail diamond rings enjoy considerable interest at present and is a hot selling product in the jewel market. Present cocktail rings are not only made for the cocktail parties and can be also worn regularly with any of the attires to create your fashion statement. Cocktail rings are the rings that usually come with big stone when compared to others to give the real kick and look for the rings. really knows the passion and interest of the people and hence provides captivating collections […]

Getting engaged is the most special moment of your life. Present her with a beautiful and unforgettable ring to cement your relationship forever. A diamond ring is an expression of your deepest emotions and the timeless love you feel for her. You can choose an engagement ring based on her personality, likes and dislikes but you can never go wrong with a diamond solitaire ring. Diamond solitaire rings are the ultimate engagement presents for the special day when you propose to her. A solitaire diamond […]

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