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A solitaire ring is a ring with a Single Diamond Ring mounted on it. Among all rings, a solitaire diamond ring stands apart for its class and beauty. It is treasured by most women and men. Solitaire rings are coveted by most persons that feature a solitary diamond or a single diamond flanked by smaller diamonds, especially for engagements and weddings. There are many types of engagement rings but solitaires are the leading choice. Though there are numerous designs of engagement and wedding rings, diamond […]

Women everywhere are obsessed with jewelry and they desire to have different types, designs and varieties. Jewelry not only enhances your personality but exudes beauty, grace and glamour. When jewelry is made of gemstones, their appeal is multiplied. Gemstone Ring and  jewelry is a rare commodity and not meant for regular wear. But more and more women are falling in love with gemstone jewelry and are attracted to the different types of vibrant colors of gemstones. Khanna Jewels (KJ) features an exquisite collection of diamond gemstone […]

Women all over are fond of diamond jewellery. From ancient times, women have been decking up in Diamond Cocktail Rings for adding a royal touch and enhancing their personality. Diamonds are eternal and as such they are craved for the most important occasions of life like engagement, weddings and anniversaries. Diamond rings are particularly presented as symbols of love and commitment and are a favourite with Indian women. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store retailing a fine collection of vintage cocktail rings made in […]

‘Diamond is the weakness of women’. This adage holds good for women of all ages. Diamond is one piece of jewel which adds a spark of glamor and elegance to the entire look. Personified with a sense of dignity, Cocktail diamond rings are quite in vogue these days. Many variations have come to picture with the diamond cocktail ring clasping major fraction of the ladies. The oomph factor along with the myriad styles and patterns are the probable reason why diamond rings for women’s have […]

Treasured since centuries, the emerald engagement rings have a mesmerizing beauty which is quite rare. The stone is associated with planet Venus which is the Goddess of Love. The beauty of a green Designer rings for women remains unmatched by any other gemstone. However, the very high priced precious emerald rings need special care to make sure its quality lasts forever. It is very essential to remember that when it comes to choosing an emerald, the more you pay, the better you get. Less priced […]

Ruby wedding bands and Ruby engagement rings feature a gemstone loved for its amazing durability, rarity, high degree of fire and brilliance and fire, and a mesmerizing beauty. But it takes a smart shopper to spot ruby rings that hold an authentic and quality ruby gemstone. Here are the tips you should not forget when you go on a ruby shopping spree! First of all, start by purchasing the ring from a specialize retailer in the gemstone wedding band and engagement ring category. Also, do […]

Formed naturally in a rainbow of lovely gemstone colors, the Sapphire wedding rings remain one of the most popular ones in the gemstone industry. After the diamond, the sapphire is the second most durable gem. Sapphire wedding bands and engagement ring can stand the test of time. Couples who are looking for a sapphire diamond wedding ring will unfortunately have to be able to browse through an array of treated sapphires, color choices and synthetic sapphires. When it comes to settling on one, the best way to […]

An engagement is a significant milestone in the life of a person. Truly you make promises to your fiancé about certain lifelong promises. But, it is good also to present each other with tokens of your affection and promises with Diamond Ruby engagement ring. These symbols are made of diamonds and other precious stones like ruby, set in perfection at good jewellers like Khanna Jewels. natural ruby engagement rings are available at the site. Ruby diamond rings are ideal for the woman as: You might want […]

Have you met the perfect partner of your life? You may have reached a point when you want to make her the love of your life forever. An engagement ring is the perfect answer! Seal your love with a diamond and gold ring that will keep her as yours forever. The day that you get engaged to your girl will always remain special all your life. An engagement ring is a reminder of that day and will lock your feelings of love and promise of […]

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