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Have you got bored with common diamonds? Do you love to get that special and unique look in diamond ring? Then this is the time to try it out. Real beauty of black is back in jewel market with solitaire black diamond ring. Yes, watch the fantastic mingling of white with black that makes the diamond more visible and attractive. Present population shows more interest and passion towards rings made with black diamond. Single stone is enough to hold the breath of everyone. Yes, solitaire […]

We all believe in our religion and luck. This is the reason why most of the present people give utmost importance to gemstones. Yes, it is strongly believed that wearing the right gemstone based on our birth time bring prosperity and fortune. At present, gemstones come with diamond to make the perfect combination of luck and beauty. With the divine powers of diamond and blessed features of gemstones, you can try your luck in a stylish way. being one of the trusted and well […]

From the moment you met your girl, your breath comes out with fragrances of love and romance. Your unconditional love and flirty sexy talks get new colors and extraordinary exclamatory point with engagement and marriage. You have to carry the tones, tunes and moods of love before marriage for long years when you are together after holding the palms. You should stay in close with the promises you made in your early loving periods to enjoy satisfied life. Here comes the importance of diamond three […]

Just two words make ‘diamond ring’. But when watched in terms of designs and models, thousands of words are not enough to describe the beauty and quality of diamond rings. Yes being the dawn of jewels, diamond enjoys good status in the list of precious items and is the reason why it is the best friend of women. being one of the reputed online diamond jewel stores bring future oriented and fantastic world of rings made of diamonds to select from. Diamonds come in […]

Jewellery is an adornment which is loved by woman everywhere to look beautiful. Women are obsessed with jewellery and want various styles and designs. Jewellery enhances the personality of the wearer and reveals different aspects of her taste and style. Gemstone Jewellery, in particular reflects the class and beauty of the wearer. Gemstone jewellery is not the usual regular wear ornament, but more and more women are growing attracted to it. The colourful quality of gemstones is especially appreciated by buyers. Diamond and gemstone jewellery […]

A solitaire ring is a ring with a single diamond mounted on it. Among all rings, a solitaire diamond ring stands apart for its class and beauty. It is treasured by most women and men. Solitaire rings are coveted by most persons that feature a solitary diamond or a single diamond flanked by smaller diamonds, especially for engagements and weddings. There are many types of engagement rings but solitaires are the leading choice. Though there are numerous designs of engagement and wedding rings, diamond solitaires […]

Wedding rings made of diamonds are symbolic of timeless love because of their eternal nature. Diamond jewellery is truly versatile and matches any attire. Women everywhere have been wearing diamond rings to look beautiful as well as a mark of everlasting love. Some even wear rings those rings on a regular basis which have been presented to them by their husbands on their wedding day. These are called as wedding rings. Though the concept of wedding rings has been around since ancient times, using diamonds […]

Diamond Engagement Ring – the most coveted precious stones for engagement and weddings. Why are diamonds associated with such sacred occasions? A diamond has an eternal shine that never fades with time. It is the same timelessness that we want from our romance and marriage. A diamond engagement ring symbolizes that the intense emotions associated with your engagement does not fade away. It means you want your commitment to marry not to wither away. A diamond is considered as a blessed stone that bodes good […]

Gemstone rings are a perfect combination of luck and beauty. Gemstone rings are marvellous pieces of jewellery and are symbolic birthstones that reflect luck and fortune. You can propose to your lady love using a gemstone ring. Gemstone rings can also be worn to evening cocktail parties or wedding or anniversary parties. Brighten up your day by choosing to wear particular colour of gemstone for the day. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features a beautiful collection of diamond and gemstone rings. Choice of gemstones includes ruby, […]

A cocktail ring worn by you is sure to wow the party or celebration. It has evolved into a fashion statement and today carries the name -‘statement ring.’ Cocktail rings have become fashionable since the 1930’s. They catch all eyeballs, adorning the hands of lovely ladies. A cocktail ring is a dramatic, large ring worn at cocktail parties. Today, they are worn on all special occasions like balls, birthday celebrations, festivals, informal parties, anniversaries and weddings. Flaunt your flashy cocktail rings that will be the […]

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