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Have you got bored with common diamonds? Do you love to get that special and unique look in diamond ring? Then this is the time to try it out. Real beauty of black is back in jewel market with solitaire black diamond ring. Yes, watch the fantastic mingling of white with black that makes the diamond more visible and attractive. Present population shows more interest and passion towards rings made with black diamond. Single stone is enough to hold the breath of everyone. Yes, solitaire means […]

Try telling a family member that you desire to possess a solitaire black diamond ring, and he/she will look at you as if you are the craziest person in the world! This is but natural, considering that ‘black’ is viewed as taboo even in modern society. A visit to reputed jewelry stores, including Queen Jewels Inc. might bring about a positive change in mindset. You will definitely feel overwhelmed by the large number of rings that adorn Queen’s shelves; there are almost 400 of them. […]

Are you tired of viewing engagement or wedding rings created from pure white diamonds, yellow gold, or white gold? Everyone seems to be opting for the same. You desire to be different from the crowd. We feel that you may find something novel amongst the collection of black diamond solitaire rings displayed in jewelry stores like Queen Jewels Inc. Forget about witch’s stories, taboos and the like, wherein this color is portrayed as a representation of evil, or a harbinger of bad luck. A positive […]

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