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Cocktail parties are entirely different from other casual parties just as diamond from other jewels. Yes, cocktail parties bring the real heat of wild parties with booze and geese. This party brings the ultimate form of relaxation and enjoyment to add heat to the nerves. Present generation loves to take part in cocktail parties and make their presence unique with their attires and jewels. When talking about jewels, there is nothing like diamond cocktail rings to give you that extra blink and junk that you […]

Diamond cocktail rings are there in history for more than 80 years….! Captivating changes have turned the mood and mode of present cocktail parties. Diamond rings also made a delightful diversion to scintillating designs that you see today. Whether cocktail rings adorn the hands of beautiful ladies or ladies become more beautiful with these rings. Whatever it may be, there is no doubt that without rings your party grooming fail to touch the point of perfection. Sweet beasts….! Perfect name for women when they are […]

Cocktail diamond rings enjoy considerable interest at present and is a hot selling product in the jewel market. Present cocktail rings are not only made for the cocktail parties and can be also worn regularly with any of the attires to create your fashion statement. Cocktail rings are the rings that usually come with big stone when compared to others to give the real kick and look for the rings. really knows the passion and interest of the people and hence provides captivating collections […]

Defining a unique style statement is easily possible with glamorous Diamond cocktail rings. They splurge an aura of grandeur engraved in its every bit. Known for their chunky pieces of precious stones, cocktail rings Design are sometimes referred as the ‘style rings’. Though the trend started way back in 1920’s, it is still very much prevalent in the modern days. In fact, they are considered ideal jewel pieces for cocktail parties and other occasions. Queens Jewels Inc. offers different styles of diamond cocktail rings suiting the taste […]

Diamonds are a forever friend for women, everywhere. Since ages women have been wearing diamond cocktail rings to get that royal look and make over their personality. A diamond is eternal, so diamond jewellery is craved for special timeless occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Among types of diamond jewellery, cocktail diamond rings are a favourite with women, especially in India. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store selling fine jewellery crafted in India. It features an amazing collection of diamond jewellery like diamond rings. Diamond […]

Women all over are fond of diamond jewellery. From ancient times, women have been decking up in Diamond Cocktail Rings for adding a royal touch and enhancing their personality. Diamonds are eternal and as such they are craved for the most important occasions of life like engagement, weddings and anniversaries. Diamond rings are particularly presented as symbols of love and commitment and are a favourite with Indian women. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store retailing a fine collection of vintage cocktail rings made in […]

‘Diamond is the weakness of women’. This adage holds good for women of all ages. Diamond is one piece of jewel which adds a spark of glamor and elegance to the entire look. Personified with a sense of dignity, Cocktail diamond rings are quite in vogue these days. Many variations have come to picture with the diamond cocktail ring clasping major fraction of the ladies. The oomph factor along with the myriad styles and patterns are the probable reason why diamond rings for women’s have […]

Hey Women…! Love to go for cocktail parties? Then your attires and jewels play a good role. The way you look makes your way in the cocktail parties. Yes, be the centre of attraction of every celebration and cocktail parties. Throw your talents and thrills to the partying ambience and atmosphere. Get the perfect jewel that adds plus to your beauty and quality. provides you with excellent ranges in diamond cocktail rings for womens to select from. Get that special look with Cocktail Rings […]

A cocktail ring worn by you is sure to wow the party or celebration. It has evolved into a fashion statement and today carries the name -‘statement ring.’ Cocktail rings have become fashionable since the 1930’s. They catch all eyeballs, adorning the hands of lovely ladies. A cocktail ring is a dramatic, large ring worn at cocktail parties. Today, they are worn on all special occasions like balls, birthday celebrations, festivals, informal parties, anniversaries and weddings. Flaunt your flashy cocktail rings that will be the […]

Rings are one piece of jewelry which can be classified in contemporary genre. Levying a modern yet subtle look, rings exemplify the look of the fingers adding an ounce of glamour to it. While looking for a perfect one for parties, cocktail rings in diamond seem a viable option. Enunciating a bold statement, cocktail diamond rings are a sure to attract attention in any party. Queens’s Jewels offer a cornucopia of cocktail rings which are an allure for the style statement. Cocktail Ring a Style […]

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