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Engagement day is one of the great and wonderful days in everyone’s life. There is one great event just before your hold the hand of your beloved. It is nothing but wearing rings each other. The event gets its real value and beauty only with diamond engagement rings. Yes, they are meaningful gifts for the magical moments. Everything changes or gets new faces with that single moment of holding the hand. Witty talks of the girl changes to committed promises. Playful smile turns to blushing smile. […]

Have you met the perfect partner of your life? You may have reached a point when you want to make her the love of your life forever. An engagement ring is the perfect answer! Seal your love with a diamond and gold ring that will keep her as yours forever. The day that you get engaged to your girl will always remain special all your life. An engagement ring is a reminder of that day and will lock your feelings of love and promise of […]

The ring for your awaited day! At one point in our lives, we meet someone who defines love for us, and makes us live every moment we have fantasized. This person sure deserves the finest ring on your big day as a sign of unconditional love. Let the ring be a mark of your fairytale, which you will caress throughout the timeless journey of life with your love. Pick up an extravagant diamond ring for your exciting day to propose her in front of everyone […]

It has finally happened! You are about to be engaged to the most beautiful woman you have ever met in your life. True, you have lost count of the number of times you have mentioned how much she means to you, and how your life has changed since her entry into it. Regardless, you would like her to feel special in front of a crowd too. It is easy; just place a diamond ring on her finger. Have no qualms about her disliking it, for […]

A wedding ring means the most of a woman and that’s why at Queen Jewels, you will get the best diamond engagement rings. A shinning, charming and scintillating ring is all you need. A diamond engagement ring signifies eternity. And trust us, the diamond rings we have will last forever. You can get engagement rings in several types, kinds and sizes. Check out what all we have in our catalogue: – • Cushion cut: The cushion cut is a classic diamond engagement ring. Many celebrities […]

Want to cement your romantic relationship forever? Sparkling diamond rings will help you achieve the task with ease as diamonds are symbols of eternal and everlasting love. Celebrate with diamond wedding or engagement rings. Among diamond rings, there is special significance for three stone diamond rings. These can be made of three diamond solitaires or two gemstones surrounding a single diamond and set in white gold or yellow gold. White gold and yellow gold maybe in 10 k, 14 k or 18k. For example, there […]

Want to propose to the love of your life? What better way to do it than the traditional way- with a diamond engagement ring. Think like the Blue Sapphire and diamond ring worn by Princess Diana which was also in the spotlight when her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton wore it for her engagement announcement. Engagement is a happy occasion for a couple. The everlasting commitment mutually expressed is symbolized b the eternal diamond in the engagement ring. After all, love is as timeless as the diamond. […]

Making bonds beautiful

When one thinks about relationships, one usually pictures the good and the bad times that the people involved in the relationship must share together. Some are bright and fiery like the sun while some impress with their cool moonlit glow. Just like there are various types of relationships people share, there are also unique engagement rings available to match every different type of relationships. So, if you are in the market for cheap wedding rings and accompanying wedding rings; or if you are looking for […]

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