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White can pall after some time, causing you to wonder if diamonds are available in other colors too. You are in luck, for reputed jewelers like Queen Jewels Inc. and a few others have come up with fancy colored diamond rings just for you. Now, do not be under the impression that these are merely meant for birthday celebrations, casual parties, or prom nights. They are perfectly suitable for grand functions and formal events too. Like everyone else, you look forward to the day you […]

Did you notice the strange shape and glint of the ring on your friend’s finger, when you attended her engagement party? When you went nearer to examine it, you discovered that it was made of solid white gold and a colored diamond stone. What was even more fascinating was that the stone seemed to be a mixture of several colors. Witnessed from different angles, it appeared gray, green, or yellow. You could conclude that the diamond appeared to be a deep grayish, greenish and yellowish […]

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