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Jewels make friends of women and diamond jewel makes best friend of women. The statement stands true since several years. It is hard to find another best friend than gemstone diamond ring that stay always with you speaking to your heart. We at Khanna Jewellers bring you the best in rings. Gemstones – Makes real jewels Diamonds looks spectacular and gemstones look superb. What happens when both comes in a single jewel. Beauty goes beyond the borders and words. It should be experienced with its […]

We all believe in our religion and luck. This is the reason why most of the present people give utmost importance to gemstones. Yes, it is strongly believed that wearing the right gemstone based on our birth time bring prosperity and fortune. At present, gemstones come with diamond to make the perfect combination of luck and beauty. With the divine powers of diamond and blessed features of gemstones, you can try your luck in a stylish way. being one of the trusted and well […]

Jewellery is an adornment which is loved by woman everywhere to look beautiful. Women are obsessed with jewellery and want various styles and designs. Jewellery enhances the personality of the wearer and reveals different aspects of her taste and style. Gemstone Diamond Ring Design, in particular reflects the class and beauty of the wearer. Gemstone jewellery is not the usual regular wear ornament, but more and more women are growing attracted to it. The colourful quality of gemstones is especially appreciated by buyers. Diamond and […]

Women everywhere are obsessed with jewelry and they desire to have different types, designs and varieties. Jewelry not only enhances your personality but exudes beauty, grace and glamour. When jewelry is made of gemstones, their appeal is multiplied. Gemstone Ring and  jewelry is a rare commodity and not meant for regular wear. But more and more women are falling in love with gemstone jewelry and are attracted to the different types of vibrant colors of gemstones. Khanna Jewels (KJ) features an exquisite collection of diamond gemstone […]

Jewellery is a favourite adornment of women everywhere and since every age. Women are obsessed with having a jewellery collection made of jewellery of all kinds. Gemstone diamond rings are a favourite item among jewellery. A bejewelled ring brings out a new perspective to your personality. When your ring is made of gemstones, its appeal is multiplied. Gemstone diamond rings are not daily wear jewellery but because of their beauty, more and more women are buying them in several numbers to have a dazzling collection in […]

In order for something spectacular to happen, it is necessary for two or more extraordinary forces to combine and give birth to the unusual. Just like that, when you make a great combination of gemstones and metals in rings, you come up with really unique and appealing rings that can be used for multiple purposes. Queen Jewels offers you a really tempting selection of diamond gemstone rings that are combinations of diamonds with one or more precious or semi-precious stones. What are the stones used? […]

Diamonds are prized for their dazzle and brilliance. Diamond rings are coveted by women of all ages. They are timeless and eternal. Combine gemstones with diamonds and the rings become truly priceless. Precious stones bring out the extra oomph in your personality. Gem stone jewellery is not the traditional favourite but more and more modern women are getting attracted to it. They are attracted by the sheer choice of vibrant colours offered by gemstones. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features an excellent collection of diamond gemstone […]

Diamonds are perhaps the best friend of any woman. Added to that if the diamond is really an inexpensive yet genuine one, there’s no more to ask for. There’s hardly any girl or woman on earth who isn’t crazy about diamond and gemstones jewellery. Gemstone rings are particularly sought after for occasions like engagement, wedding or birthday. When planning to buy these items, Khanna Jewels is the best option to go for. The modern day style is to use diamond rings as engagement rings as […]

Finger rings are treasured possessions, since they evoke memories of joyful moments and happy occasions. They literally attain even more value, if crafted from diamonds and other precious stones. There is a marvelous collection of such rings at trustworthy jewelry stores such as Queen Jewels Inc. and others. The gemstone diamond rings on display at these shops, are great for wearing at daytime and nighttime celebratory events. What is your birthstone? You may not be aware of it, but the color of a birthstone conveys […]

Rings are symbolic of so many things. They symbolises a loop of trust, friendship, love, faith and similarly, many more things. They are not just exchanged as engagement rings or wedding rings; but, they are also given and received as gifts on any occasions. If you attain you goal, if you want to celebrate your beloved’s birthday or anniversary, for any such occasion; you deserve to own a diamond and gemstone ring, Rings are available in many shapes and sizes, in variety of combinations, and […]

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