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Diamond Jewelry is much sought after by women all over the world. Being eternal, diamonds are a symbol of timeless romance and commitment. Heart Shape Diamond Rings are particularly cherished by women. They often serve as engagement rings and wedding rings. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store that markets exquisite range of diamond jewellery including diamond rings. Gold and diamond rings at KJ make a woman look glamorous and sophisticated. We understand that every piece of jewellery you own has some intense emotions attached […]

A perfect ring on fingers reflects a great deal about the personality of the wearer. As such if you are shopping for engagement rings for your beloved, take great care about its shape and design. Women have been obsessed with diamonds since ages. Diamond rings have especially been prized as engagement rings. Diamonds are eternal, so they symbolize time less love and commitment. Diamond rings are valued as engagement rings. Khanna Jewels Co features an alluring and exclusive collection of diamond rings. We know that […]

Diamond rings are the unequivocal jewel pieces, which attract attention and stand out as a unique piece of ornament. Engagement rings are specifically casted in diamonds as history traces out the fact that diamond is the symbol for proposal. To make the D-Day even more special, engagement rings which are casted in heart shaped structured are preferred. Iconic as a love symbol, the heart shaped diamond rings are considered to be the true mark of romantic gesture. There is something utterly beautiful about the heart […]

Love is a powerful expression of emotions that float on the earth from ages. It is capable to overpower anything in the world. But, overpowering the heart of someone is easier said than done. You want to win the heart of the girl you love, you want to make her feel special, you want to tell her that she is the one for you and you want to convey her what she means to you, so, what are you waiting for? Come on; tell her. […]

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