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Gemstone Ruby and Diamond rings are a perfect combination of luck and beauty. Gemstone rings are marvellous pieces of jewellery and are symbolic birthstones that reflect luck and fortune. You can propose to your lady love using a gemstone ring. Gemstone rings can also be worn to evening cocktail parties or wedding or anniversary parties. Brighten up your day by choosing to wear particular colour of gemstone for the day. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features a beautiful collection of diamond and gemstone rings. Choice of […]

Diamond jewellery and women have been inseparable since ages. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with Ruby Diamond Rings which gives a royal look to their personality. A diamond is eternal, so is diamond jewellery which lasts for several lifetimes, like a family heirloom. Among all types of diamond jewellery, ruby diamond rings are most cherished by Indian women. The most coveted among these are solitaire rings. A ring in gold studded with diamonds and other precious stones add an element of feminism, glamour […]

Ruby wedding bands and Ruby engagement rings feature a gemstone loved for its amazing durability, rarity, high degree of fire and brilliance and fire, and a mesmerizing beauty. But it takes a smart shopper to spot ruby rings that hold an authentic and quality ruby gemstone. Here are the tips you should not forget when you go on a ruby shopping spree! First of all, start by purchasing the ring from a specialize retailer in the gemstone wedding band and engagement ring category. Also, do […]

An engagement is a significant milestone in the life of a person. Truly you make promises to your fiancé about certain lifelong promises. But, it is good also to present each other with tokens of your affection and promises with Diamond Ruby engagement ring. These symbols are made of diamonds and other precious stones like ruby, set in perfection at good jewellers like Khanna Jewels. natural ruby engagement rings are available at the site. Ruby diamond rings are ideal for the woman as: You might want […]

Diamonds are forever; you might have heard this. But, what makes these stunning stones everlasting is not just science, but also the love and care it receives from its owner. Its value has been known to overshadow grief among people when they witness its beauty. Khanna Jewelshas been an old player in the jewellery market offering these highly valuable cut stones of love and friendship. Their alluring red ruby diamond rings, and many others, have been a fan-favourite for years now. The intoxicating love and […]

“Is that ‘pigeon’s blood’ in your hand?” Surprised!! Yes, it’s a serious question. Oh! You are still surprised. Well, don’t go literally. Discovered anything? Okay, there goes your explanation. Oh wait! Let me ask another question. “Are you aware of the precious stones of the world?” Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and….‘Pigeon’s blood’. What were you telling? Ruby! Well, it’s the one and the same. Yes, the best coloured rubies are known as ‘pigeon’s blood.’ Ruby has been crowned as one of the precious stones that ever […]

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