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Formed naturally in a rainbow of lovely gemstone colors, the Sapphire wedding rings remain one of the most popular ones in the gemstone industry. After the diamond, the sapphire is the second most durable gem. Sapphire wedding bands and engagement ring can stand the test of time. Couples who are looking for a sapphire diamond wedding ring will unfortunately have to be able to browse through an array of treated sapphires, color choices and synthetic sapphires. When it comes to settling on one, the best way to […]

The trend of diamonds embedded in the engagement rings has been carried forward since ages. In fact, it has become a tradition to use diamonds in the rings as a mark of ethnicity. However, with the changing times, the choice of people has also changed and now people are looking for a more unique look. In fact, contemporary is the ultimate fashion sense, which ensures that the traditional appeal as well a unique look is blended in perfect manner to get the desired design. Hence, […]

There must be few people in this world, who are not fond of the color ‘blue’; most people just adore it. Even jewelers have discovered varied ways of presenting this color in tantalizing hues. However, blue sapphire shows up best, especially where sapphire diamond rings are concerned. These rings range from the simple to the complex in design, rendering them as perfect wear for wedding ceremonies, anniversary reminders, engagement celebrations, birthday parties, graduation events and casual outings. • Imagine yourself receiving such a gift from […]

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