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Black solitaire diamond ring……! The real beauty of ‘black’ glitters here. Yes, the beauty stands beyond ages and words. Words can’t bring you what this diamond ring is for you or for your beloveds. It should be experienced. Gone are those days when people buzzed round the usual golden ornaments. Time changed just as the jewel dreams. Now everyone’s heart gives an extra beat for bedazzling range of diamond rings….especially black solitaire diamond ring…! Get the diamond ring – Get the romance Every jewel has […]

Solitaire diamond rings……! It has become the perfect symbol of marriage. Its importance in wedding and in the life after great moment never ends with the flow of time or change of calendar. It is pure as mother’s love and as perfect as father’s care. It is nothing but the use of single diamond that makes solitaire diamond rings for women so special with halo feel for the wedding. Ring of good times When can you say you are in good times? It is nothing […]

A solitaire ring refers to a ring mounted with a single, sparkling diamond. A solitaire Diamond ring is one of the most coveted and beautiful of all rings. They make for perfect engagement or wedding rings. Popular designs are single, perfect cut diamond at the centre of the ring or a solitary diamond surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. Both of these will win the hearts of the lovely lady who has agreed to tie the knot with you. There are different designs of solitaire […]

Solitaire means one, the one accent diamond solitaire rings that stores the evergreen love union between you and your sweetie. You know your girl, her style and taste gift her solitaire power of love that will take her breath away for a moment. Engagement is that one day most girls look forward to. To make sure your would-be fiancée remembers the occasion of engagement for a lifetime, gift a ring which will beautifully reflect your love for her. Let the beauty of your love be seen in […]

Have you got bored with common diamonds? Do you love to get that special and unique look in diamond ring? Then this is the time to try it out. Real beauty of black is back in jewel market with solitaire black diamond ring. Yes, watch the fantastic mingling of white with black that makes the diamond more visible and attractive. Present population shows more interest and passion towards rings made with black diamond. Single stone is enough to hold the breath of everyone. Yes, solitaire means […]

Solitaire is surprise but there is no wonder in saying that it is the best stone to speak your love. Yes, countless couples and lovers enjoy smooth relationship with Solitaire Diamond Rings. It is not just a jewel; instead it is something that speaks the language of love and stay in touch with the feelings of hearts. This special character is what made it best ring for engagement, wedding and for Valentine’s Day. really knows the importance of solitaire rings in making love and hence […]

When one thinks of classic, the first thing that comes to mind is solitaire diamond ring. Invoking the royalty of the Victorian era, solitaires are one glamour jewel stone which have a unique charm of its own. Further, black diamond adds the required tinge of ravishing statement, creating a jewel piece that is simply stunning. Yes, black diamonds are the latest trend as they fervor a look which is jaw dropping amazing. Queens Jewels Inc offers a gamut of black diamond solitaire rings in different […]

You are well aware of what the term, “accent” means. It awards special significance to something, or highlights its good qualities. In this case, we are referring to the skill associated with the fashioning of diamond solitaire rings with accent in various styles or shapes such as a halo cut, micro pave or split shanks ideal for promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings. You will encounter this kind of partisanship at trustworthy stores like Queen Jewels Inc. Now, what exactly is an accent in […]

In the human world, a person preferring a solitary existence is ridiculed as weird, eccentric, etc. After all, we humans have always been deemed as social animals, incapable of existing alone. Even in the animal kingdom, varied species prefer to be with their own kind. However, in the inanimate world of jewelry, a lonely existence is viewed with awe. A diamond ring solitaire is akin to a king looking out over the entire world! Such a king is readily available at reputed jewelry stores, including […]

Diamonds are not just fancied by a particular gender. Their sparkle dazzles everyone irrespective of the gender or likes. Chemically, diamonds are the carbon compounds that are formed by the concatenation property of carbon in which long chain of carbons attach to each other and form the hardest known substance present on the Earth. It is due to their hardness, diamonds are used to cut through the materials that cannot be cut using other tools. They are used in drilling machines as well as in […]

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