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An engagement ceremony is the beginning of life’s journey as a couple while a wedding is the representation of complete bonding for life. True, you are going to adhere to the promises you have made to each other. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to keep some symbols as affirmations of these promises. These symbols are offered in the form of diamond wedding rings sets at genuine jewelery shops like Queen Jewels Inc. and several others. It is possible to obtain a set of rings that […]

So, you heard the sound of wedding bell rang. What is next? You have to look for that special sentimental gift for your girl. Yes, a wedding ring. Then, we at invite you to the mesmerizing world of diamond wedding rings designed to go beyond the dreams and expectations. Diamond wedding rings for women are entirely different from other form of jewels. It should not concentrate only on beauty. You will look for the presence of love, romance and commitment in it. And we […]

Wedding…! Words can’t bring the beauty and importance of this great moment. The day when you hold the hands of your dreamt girl, gives you lot of expectations, loads of love, countless promises, borderless romance, uncontrolled thrill and role of responsibilities. Yes, everyone feels a new start in the life with marriage and that too with countless blessings from your dear and near ones. There is one thing that completes thrill and fun of marriage day to make you feel it throughout the life and […]

Women……! You are special and look so special when you are in your wedding gowns. Wedding….! The most awaited and great day in the life of Indian women….! Celebration starts days before the big day hit the hands. Jewels play good role in celebrations and in big day irrespective of religion and culture. You will be best in your attires under the lights. Every eye ball falls on you. Wedding ring wearing….makes best time of great day. We at Khanna Jewels have the best in […]

Its wedding….!! It is years of dreams, lot of expectations, seamless surprises and borderless fantasies. The most awaited day in girl’s life that is to be written in golden words. Are you looking for something that is special and grand just as your great day? Then it is the time to shop for diamond wedding rings. Diamonds….they rule the hearts of women just as they rule jewel market. We at Khanna Jewels know that extra expectations of lulus on their special venues and hence bring […]

Your wedding is the most celebrated festival in your life. Yes, it is the festival of love, romance, commitment, promise, joy and happiness. Everyone you love and respect joins you in the celebrations and parties to make you blessed. You love to keep the beautiful memories of marriage throughout the life. Do you know what always makes you to remember about your big day? Wedding album and wedding gown rest in the racks, and they are not always with you. But what about wedding diamond ring […]

Wedding rings made of diamonds are symbolic of timeless love because of their eternal nature. Diamond jewellery is truly versatile and matches any attire. Women everywhere have been wearing diamond rings to look beautiful as well as a mark of everlasting love. Some even wear rings those rings on a regular basis which have been presented to them by their husbands on their wedding day. These are called as wedding rings. Though the concept of wedding rings has been around since ancient times, using diamonds […]

A solitaire ring is a ring with a Single Diamond Ring mounted on it. Among all rings, a solitaire diamond ring stands apart for its class and beauty. It is treasured by most women and men. Solitaire rings are coveted by most persons that feature a solitary diamond or a single diamond flanked by smaller diamonds, especially for engagements and weddings. There are many types of engagement rings but solitaires are the leading choice. Though there are numerous designs of engagement and wedding rings, diamond […]

Want to cement your romantic relationship forever? Sparkling diamond rings will help you achieve the task with ease as diamonds are symbols of eternal and everlasting love. Celebrate with diamond wedding or engagement rings. Among diamond rings, there is special significance for three stone diamond rings. These can be made of three diamond solitaires or two gemstones surrounding a single diamond and set in white gold or yellow gold. White gold and yellow gold maybe in 10 k, 14 k or 18k. For example, there […]

Diamonds are timeless and eternal and thus are symbols of long lasting love and fidelity. A wedding diamond ring is thus a popular adornment for married women, presented to them by their husbands on the sacred day of their wedding. Diamonds are versatile and can complement any outfit. Since ages women have been wearing diamond wedding rings that they wore for the first time as blushing brides on their wedding day. Though the concept of a wedding diamond ring is very old, it became really […]

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