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True, you have to go through an entire, official ceremony on your wedding day. However, at the end of it all, the best sign of your newly acquired status in life is displayed on the fourth finger of your left hand. Towards this end, it would be best to peruse the collection of men’s and women’s diamond wedding rings on display at Queen Jewels Inc. or other equally reputed stores, and make a sensible purchase. You may select your adornment on your own, or be […]

An engagement ceremony is the beginning of life’s journey as a couple while a wedding is the representation of complete bonding for life. True, you are going to adhere to the promises you have made to each other. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to keep some symbols as affirmations of these promises. These symbols are offered in the form of diamond wedding rings sets at genuine jewelery shops like Queen Jewels Inc. and several others. It is possible to obtain a set of rings that […]

Both of you approach your engagement day with the hope that you will find eternal happiness together. There is no better way to put a permanent stamp on this joy than to gift each other with a diamond wedding ring set. The set serves as a reminder of the immediate event and the future event, for it comprises of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The best thing would be to shop together at a favorite jeweler’s like Queen Jewels Inc. or somewhere new, […]

Wedding bands are sacred. There is a reason why we exchange rings during a marriage ceremony – it symbolizes the promise of lifetime togetherness and love. It is a gentle reminder of the vow one takes when getting betrothed. Till death do us part is not just a phrase you repeat at the altar; for a marriage to last one has to follow and live up to that ideal. As many an errant spouse might have found out, there is no better way to remember […]

Wedding is one special occasion that is unique and memorable for lifetime. Every nuance is taken care to ensure that the event is remembered in the best possible way. To make the event even more special, people resort to varied kinds of jewellery which earmarks and personifies the D-Day. A popular stone which is considered to be worthy of appraisal is the diamond. There is something so unique about it that just a single jewel piece is sufficient to make the day. The opulence and […]

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