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Diamonds….! They are jewels of jewels. Just a single diamond is enough to throw your elegance as stunning as hundreds of stars. What happens when you get diamond rings with three stones? What to say…..? Triple your elegance. That’s all what we at Queen Jewels pen for you. Three stones diamond ring…! It is like 1, 2, 3…set go. Start a new page in the book of your life filled with happiness and pride. This is what for ring with three diamonds is designed. Three […]

From the moment you met your girl, your breath comes out with fragrances of love and romance. Your unconditional love and flirty sexy talks get new colors and extraordinary exclamatory point with engagement and marriage. You have to carry the tones, tunes and moods of love before marriage for long years when you are together after holding the palms. You should stay in close with the promises you made in your early loving periods to enjoy satisfied life. Here comes the importance of diamond three stone […]

The great day has finally arrived. You are about to become engaged or wedded to the person whom you love the most in this world! What makes the occasion even more special is the fact that your fiancé or would-be husband has decided to place a diamond three stone ring upon your ring finger. It is easy to obtain it from well-known jewelry stores like Queen Jewels Inc. for instance. Surprisingly, the number ‘three’ has loads of facts associated with it. Here are some of […]

They are truly the epitome of life’s blissful moments, as well as the mirrors of long-term relationships. We are referring to three stone diamond rings, which are offered at varied jewelry stores, including Queen Jewels Inc. Traditionally, the central diamond is larger, when compared to the stones on either side of it. You could request a professional to ensure that all the three diamonds are of the same size and shape, but you might ruin the overall picture. The band, of course, is made of […]

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