Wedding…! Words can’t bring the beauty and importance of this great moment. The day when you hold the hands of your dreamt girl, gives you lot of expectations, loads of love, countless promises, borderless romance, uncontrolled thrill and role of responsibilities. Yes, everyone feels a new start in the life with marriage and that too with countless blessings from your dear and near ones. There is one thing that completes thrill and fun of marriage day to make you feel it throughout the life and […]

One stone diamond ring emits beauty and 3 stones diamond ring explodes beauty and brilliance. This ring can be said as the most meaningful ring in the collection of diamond rings. It is said and strongly believed that 3 stones represent past, present and future respectively. Hence, this diamond ring is preferred for almost all of the occasions including engagement, wedding, anniversaries and more. really knows the importance of diamond rings with 3 stones, and hence brings a vast pool of designs to select from. There […]

Diamonds…! They are not jewels but instead the dreams of jewel lovers. Diamond rings especially are made to make the jewel lovers to dance on floors with happiness filled hearts. They have become the inevitable part of present engagements and marriages. Without diamond engagement ring, the function fails to get its real meaning and beauty. really knows the fantasies of present generations and provides you with fantastic collections in best diamond rings. Get dumbstruck with the beauty of our rings. We have designed an […]

Women……! You are special and look so special when you are in your wedding gowns. Wedding….! The most awaited and great day in the life of Indian women….! Celebration starts days before the big day hit the hands. Jewels play good role in celebrations and in big day irrespective of religion and culture. You will be best in your attires under the lights. Every eye ball falls on you. Wedding ring wearing….makes best time of great day. We at Khanna Jewels have the best in […]

Its wedding….!! It is years of dreams, lot of expectations, seamless surprises and borderless fantasies. The most awaited day in girl’s life that is to be written in golden words. Are you looking for something that is special and grand just as your great day? Then it is the time to shop for diamond wedding rings. Diamonds….they rule the hearts of women just as they rule jewel market. We at Khanna Jewels know that extra expectations of lulus on their special venues and hence bring […]

The latest trend in jewelry is the diamond bands. Invoking a glamorous appeal, unique women’s diamond wedding bands are ideal for special occasions such as marriage anniversaries and weddings. A subtle piece, wedding bands are of different styles and designs that are ideal to suit the personality of each individual. At Queens Jewels Inc. one can find stunning patterns of diamond bands that can just not be resisted. While selecting a diamond band, there are two basic things which need to be taken care of: […]

Engagement day is one of the great and wonderful days in everyone’s life. There is one great event just before your hold the hand of your beloved. It is nothing but wearing rings each other. The event gets its real value and beauty only with diamond engagement rings. Yes, they are meaningful gifts for the magical moments. Everything changes or gets new faces with that single moment of holding the hand. Witty talks of the girl changes to committed promises. Playful smile turns to blushing smile. […]

Craze for diamond rings touches the heights without any control. Yes, present generation shows immense passion towards diamond jewels, especially diamond rings. It is quite common that everyone will look for profitable purchase of jewels and is the reason why most of the people at present enter online diamond jewel stores. We at, being one of the reputed online jewel stores, bring you the widest collections in cheap diamond rings to select from for your various occasions and celebrations. Never think cheap diamond Rings […]

Women all over the world crave for diamond jewellery. Diamonds are eternal so they are sought after as symbols of love and commitment apart from being simply beautiful. Diamond rings stand for timeless romance and are the most cherished piece of diamond jewellery. A diamond on the finger adds to the femininity and glamour of a woman. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) understands the deep relationship of a woman and her jewellery and as such features an exquisite collection of diamond jewellery including diamond rings. The […]

We all believe in our religion and luck. This is the reason why most of the present people give utmost importance to gemstones. Yes, it is strongly believed that wearing the right gemstone based on our birth time bring prosperity and fortune. At present, gemstones come with diamond to make the perfect combination of luck and beauty. With the divine powers of diamond and blessed features of gemstones, you can try your luck in a stylish way. being one of the trusted and well […]

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