Diamond jewellery has a special place in the heart of a woman. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with diamond jewellery to add a royal touch to their personality. A diamond is eternal, so it provides you timeless beauty. Diamond jewellery is prized by Indian woman, especially diamond rings. A diamond ring set in yellow or white gold enhances the sophistication and glamour of a woman. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC), an online jewellery retailer, understands the deep emotions connecting you and your jewellery. […]

Solitaire is surprise but there is no wonder in saying that it is the best stone to speak your love. Yes, countless couples and lovers enjoy smooth relationship with diamond rings solitaire. It is not just a jewel; instead it is something that speaks the language of love and stay in touch with the feelings of hearts. This special character is what made it best ring for engagement, wedding and for Valentine’s Day. Jewelsqueen.com really knows the importance of solitaire rings in making love and […]

Love is one of the most beautiful forms of feeling that generates and penetrates from your heart. It gets different meanings and faces with the person to whom you shed and show your love. Love towards your parents is entirely different from the love towards your lover. Whatever is the type of love, there is only a single way to express it. In other words, only single product can carry and express the love and it is nothing but gift. When it is diamond ring […]

Engagement and wedding are the two most awaited and important functions in everyone’s life. Both the days come with lot of new expectations, commitments, promises and surprises. These occasions set start to a new beautiful journey of life infused with the fragrances of pure love and romance. There is no doubt you will look for the best attires for these special days. The important thing is that you need that extra bounce of beauty for the day that makes you the center of attraction. Here […]

Cocktail parties are entirely different from other casual parties just as diamond from other jewels. Yes, cocktail parties bring the real heat of wild parties with booze and geese. This party brings the ultimate form of relaxation and enjoyment to add heat to the nerves. Present generation loves to take part in cocktail parties and make their presence unique with their attires and jewels. When talking about jewels, there is nothing like diamond cocktail rings to give you that extra blink and junk that you […]

Marriage anniversary celebration is the best way to recall and reveal those happiest moments in your life which are never back again in its original beauty and feeling. There is no doubt that no one can forget the happiness, thrill and fun of the marriage day right from the first ray of sun to mid of moonlight. If you are getting near to your wedding anniversary, then it is the time to consider purchasing diamond anniversary bands that take you back to those bewitching moments. […]

Adding colors to love add thrills to your life. Happiness of your girl is the best inspiration for you to win the life and love the life. Yes, diamond being the ever best friend of girl, comes to you as the right medicine you can use to washout all of the tensions and worries from the face of your special girl. Purchase colored diamond ring from Jewelsqueen.com and gift it to your girl to watch the burst of smiles and happiness. There is no doubt […]

Craze for diamond rings touches the heights without any control. Yes, present generation shows immense passion towards diamond jewels, especially diamond rings. It is quite common that everyone will look for profitable purchase of jewels and is the reason why most of the people at present enter online diamond jewel stores. We at Jewelsqueen.com, being one of the reputed online jewel stores, bring you the widest collections in cheap diamond rings to select from for your various occasions and celebrations. Never think cheap diamond mean […]

Wedding…! Words can’t bring the beauty and importance of this great moment. The day when you hold the hands of your dreamt girl, gives you lot of expectations, loads of love, countless promises, borderless romance, uncontrolled thrill and role of responsibilities. Yes, everyone feels a new start in the life with marriage and that too with countless blessings from your dear and near ones. There is one thing that completes thrill and fun of marriage day to make you feel it throughout the life and […]

Have you met the perfect partner of your life? You may have reached a point when you want to make her the love of your life forever. An engagement ring is the perfect answer! Seal your love with a diamond and gold ring that will keep her as yours forever. The day that you get engaged to your girl will always remain special all your life. An engagement ring is a reminder of that day and will lock your feelings of love and promise of […]

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