Diamond jewellery and women have been inseparable since ages. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with Ruby Diamond Rings which gives a royal look to their personality. A diamond is eternal, so is diamond jewellery which lasts for several lifetimes, like a family heirloom. Among all types of diamond jewellery, ruby diamond rings are most cherished by Indian women. The most coveted among these are solitaire rings. A ring in gold studded with diamonds and other precious stones add an element of feminism, glamour […]

Your wedding is the most celebrated festival in your life. Yes, it is the festival of love, romance, commitment, promise, joy and happiness. Everyone you love and respect joins you in the celebrations and parties to make you blessed. You love to keep the beautiful memories of marriage throughout the life. Do you know what always makes you to remember about your big day? Wedding album and wedding gown rest in the racks, and they are not always with you. But what about wedding diamond ring […]

Wedding rings made of diamonds are symbolic of timeless love because of their eternal nature. Diamond jewellery is truly versatile and matches any attire. Women everywhere have been wearing diamond rings to look beautiful as well as a mark of everlasting love. Some even wear rings those rings on a regular basis which have been presented to them by their husbands on their wedding day. These are called as wedding rings. Though the concept of wedding rings has been around since ancient times, using diamonds […]

Defining a unique style statement is easily possible with glamorous Diamond cocktail rings. They splurge an aura of grandeur engraved in its every bit. Known for their chunky pieces of precious stones, cocktail rings Design are sometimes referred as the ‘style rings’. Though the trend started way back in 1920’s, it is still very much prevalent in the modern days. In fact, they are considered ideal jewel pieces for cocktail parties and other occasions. Queens Jewels Inc. offers different styles of diamond cocktail rings suiting the taste […]

Engagement and wedding are the two most awaited and important functions in everyone’s life. Both the days come with lot of new expectations, commitments, promises and surprises. These occasions set start to a new beautiful journey of life infused with the fragrances of pure love and romance. There is no doubt you will look for the best attires for these special days. The important thing is that you need that extra bounce of beauty for the day that makes you the center of attraction. Here […]

Usually the certificate issued by the authorities is a proof that the stone you are purchasing is real and genuine. But not everyone can afford to buy certified diamond jewellery. Non-certified diamond ring or diamond necklace comes much cheaper than the certified ones. Moreover now-a-days the market is flooded with synthetic stones such as cubic zirconia or synthetic moissanite which are stunningly similar to real diamonds. So, if you are buying non-certified diamond jewellery, which is often a tempting option, how will you recognize that […]

Marriage anniversary celebration with Diamond Anniversary bands is the best way to recall and reveal those happiest moments in your life which are never back again in its original beauty and feeling. There is no doubt that no one can forget the happiness, thrill and fun of the marriage day right from the first ray of sun to mid of moonlight. If you are getting near to your wedding anniversary, then it is the time to consider purchasing diamond anniversary bands that take you back to those […]

Just two words make ‘diamond ring’. But when watched in terms of designs and models, thousands of words are not enough to describe the beauty and quality of diamond rings. Yes being the dawn of jewels, diamond enjoys good status in the list of precious items and is the reason why it is the best friend of women. Jewelsqueen.com being one of the reputed online diamond jewel stores bring future oriented and fantastic world of rings made of diamonds to select from. Diamonds come in different […]

A solitaire ring refers to a ring mounted with a single, sparkling diamond. A solitaire Diamond ring is one of the most coveted and beautiful of all rings. They make for perfect engagement or wedding rings. Popular designs are single, perfect cut diamond at the centre of the ring or a solitary diamond surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. Both of these will win the hearts of the lovely lady who has agreed to tie the knot with you. There are different designs of solitaire […]

Jewellery is an adornment which is loved by woman everywhere to look beautiful. Women are obsessed with jewellery and want various styles and designs. Jewellery enhances the personality of the wearer and reveals different aspects of her taste and style. Gemstone Diamond Ring Design, in particular reflects the class and beauty of the wearer. Gemstone jewellery is not the usual regular wear ornament, but more and more women are growing attracted to it. The colourful quality of gemstones is especially appreciated by buyers. Diamond and […]

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