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Black solitaire diamond ring……! The real beauty of ‘black’ glitters here. Yes, the beauty stands beyond ages and words. Words can’t bring you what this diamond ring is for you or for your beloveds. It should be experienced. Gone are those days when people buzzed round the usual golden ornaments. Time changed just as the jewel dreams. Now everyone’s heart gives an extra beat for bedazzling range of diamond rings….especially black solitaire diamond ring…! Get the diamond ring – Get the romance Every jewel has […]

When one thinks of classic, the first thing that comes to mind is solitaire diamond ring. Invoking the royalty of the Victorian era, solitaires are one glamour jewel stone which have a unique charm of its own. Further, black diamond adds the required tinge of ravishing statement, creating a jewel piece that is simply stunning. Yes, black diamonds are the latest trend as they fervor a look which is jaw dropping amazing. Queens Jewels Inc offers a gamut of black diamond solitaire rings in different […]

Are you tired of viewing engagement or wedding rings created from pure white diamonds, yellow gold, or white gold? Everyone seems to be opting for the same. You desire to be different from the crowd. We feel that you may find something novel amongst the collection of black diamond solitaire rings displayed in jewelry stores like Queen Jewels Inc. Forget about witch’s stories, taboos and the like, wherein this color is portrayed as a representation of evil, or a harbinger of bad luck. A positive […]

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