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Women to diamonds are just like butterflies to flowers….! Yes they cannot be separated. Women get the real beauty with their fingers adorned with diamond rings…just like flowers doubles the beauty with the presence of butterflies. We at Khanna Jewels bring never seen before assorted diamond ring designs just beautiful as butterflies. Find rings in romantic designs made with combination of colourful precious stones. Give wings to your dreams to fly wherever you wish with incredible and intellectual beauty. Are you in hurry to watch […]

Diamonds…! They are not jewels but instead the dreams of jewel lovers. Diamond rings especially are made to make the jewel lovers to dance on floors with happiness filled hearts. They have become the inevitable part of present engagements and marriages. Without diamond engagement ring, the function fails to get its real meaning and beauty. really knows the fantasies of present generations and provides you with fantastic collections in best diamond rings. Get dumbstruck with the beauty of our rings. We have designed an […]

Women……! You are special and look so special when you are in your wedding gowns. Wedding….! The most awaited and great day in the life of Indian women….! Celebration starts days before the big day hit the hands. Jewels play good role in celebrations and in big day irrespective of religion and culture. You will be best in your attires under the lights. Every eye ball falls on you. Wedding ring wearing….makes best time of great day. We at Khanna Jewels have the best in […]

Craze for diamond rings touches the heights without any control. Yes, present generation shows immense passion towards diamond jewels, especially diamond rings. It is quite common that everyone will look for profitable purchase of jewels and is the reason why most of the people at present enter online diamond jewel stores. We at, being one of the reputed online jewel stores, bring you the widest collections in cheap diamond rings to select from for your various occasions and celebrations. Never think cheap diamond Rings […]

Deep love is what really put the foundation for strong relationships. Good relationships play a great role in taking the world on string of balance. Problems come in life when we forget the love that is kept in the depth of hearts. There are several ways to convey love, romance and respect and one among the best ways is through a diamond ring. helps you a lot to stay in the world of love with good collection of beautiful diamond rings for your beloveds. […]

Engagement and wedding are the two most awaited and important functions in everyone’s life. Both the days come with lot of new expectations, commitments, promises and surprises. These occasions set start to a new beautiful journey of life infused with the fragrances of pure love and romance. There is no doubt you will look for the best attires for these special days. The important thing is that you need that extra bounce of beauty for the day that makes you the center of attraction. Here […]

Love is one of the most beautiful forms of feeling that generates and penetrates from your heart. It gets different meanings and faces with the person to whom you shed and show your love. Love towards your parents is entirely different from the love towards your lover. Whatever is the type of love, there is only a single way to express it. In other words, only single product can carry and express the love and it is nothing but gift. When it is diamond ring gift, […]

Diamond Jewelry is much sought after by women all over the world. Being eternal, diamonds are a symbol of timeless romance and commitment. Heart Shape Diamond Rings are particularly cherished by women. They often serve as engagement rings and wedding rings. Khanna Jewels (KJ) is an online store that markets exquisite range of diamond jewellery including diamond rings. Gold and diamond rings at KJ make a woman look glamorous and sophisticated. We understand that every piece of jewellery you own has some intense emotions attached […]

Diamonds have been used for engagement purpose ever since we can track down time. It has been some sort of tradition to propose a girl with diamond rings, which create an illusion of fantasy and surround the aura of love and romance. In fact, diamonds are believed to be a women’s biggest weakness. The crystal appearance embraced with artistically crafted cuts can adorn any piece of jewellery with a hint of elegance. But have you ever wondered how actually this trend of engagement rings started? […]

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