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Women to diamonds are just like butterflies to flowers….! Yes they cannot be separated. Women get the real beauty with their fingers adorned with diamond rings…just like flowers doubles the beauty with the presence of butterflies. We at Khanna Jewels bring never seen before assorted diamond ring designs just beautiful as butterflies. Find rings in romantic designs made with combination of colourful precious stones. Give wings to your dreams to fly wherever you wish with incredible and intellectual beauty. Are you in hurry to watch […]

It is said that men show less craze towards jewels. But there comes a situation in every man’s life when he needs to wear that special jewel, yes engagement ring. The day comes with a lot of wonders and surprises. Ring exchange stands as the cornerstone of celebration. Nothing like a diamond ring can bring the real meaning to the engagement day especially when your shower the fragrances of promises, commitments, love and romance. really knows the importance of diamond ring in engagement and […]

Diamond jewellery is sought after by women everywhere. Since ages women have been wearing diamond jewellery to look regal and beautiful. A diamond is eternal and it provides you with timeless beauty. Among all types of jewellery, a diamond ring is cherished by most Indian women. A diamond and gold ring adds to the glamour and sophistication of a woman. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store selling exclusive collection of diamond jewellery such as diamond rings for women. At KJC, we understand the […]

Deep love is what really put the foundation for strong relationships. Good relationships play a great role in taking the world on string of balance. Problems come in life when we forget the love that is kept in the depth of hearts. There are several ways to convey love, romance and respect and one among the best ways is through a diamond ring. helps you a lot to stay in the world of love with good collection of beautiful diamond rings for your beloveds. […]

A ring is a much loved adornment for both men and women. It is associated with power, beauty, elegance and status. A diamond ring is very popular as formal party wear as well as for engagement, wedding and anniversary. Diamonds are ageless symbol of eternal love. They are a part of the big celebrations of life. The brilliance and sparkle of diamond rings are associated with romantic commitment, confidence, power and beauty. Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) is an online store selling an exclusive collection of […]

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