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Women to diamonds are just like butterflies to flowers….! Yes they cannot be separated. Women get the real beauty with their fingers adorned with diamond rings…just like flowers doubles the beauty with the presence of butterflies. We at Khanna Jewels bring never seen before assorted diamond ring designs just beautiful as butterflies. Find rings in romantic designs made with combination of colourful precious stones. Give wings to your dreams to fly wherever you wish with incredible and intellectual beauty. Are you in hurry to watch […]

There must be few people in this world, who are not fond of the color ‘blue’; most people just adore it. Even jewelers have discovered varied ways of presenting this color in tantalizing hues. However, blue sapphire shows up best, especially where sapphire diamond rings are concerned. These rings range from the simple to the complex in design, rendering them as perfect wear for wedding ceremonies, anniversary reminders, engagement celebrations, birthday parties, graduation events and casual outings. • Imagine yourself receiving such a gift from […]

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