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Wedding & Woman Wedding of Woman…..! This is the most expected, awaited and big day in every women’s life. The day gets packed and filled with unlimited inflow of joy, happiness, beauty and blessings. Happiness everywhere and that too starts days before the great day. Everyone including bride to participants love to look in best attires. Bride enjoys better care and attention. She is the heroin of the day. She feels the lights of stars coming down to wedding venue, flowers showering from the sky, […]

Wedding moments….! Perfect culmination of years of expectations and dreams..! You found the man of your dreams and it is the time to bend your heads and give your hands to him. It is the time to unlock your heart with loads of love and romance. Good times of great day start with wearing of wedding bands. The moment the band is worn on your finger, it sets to start great day celebrations with committed and dedicated hearts. We at Queen Jewels are here with […]

Your wedding is the most celebrated festival in your life. Yes, it is the festival of love, romance, commitment, promise, joy and happiness. Everyone you love and respect joins you in the celebrations and parties to make you blessed. You love to keep the beautiful memories of marriage throughout the life. Do you know what always makes you to remember about your big day? Wedding album and wedding gown rest in the racks, and they are not always with you. But what about wedding diamond ring […]

You may feel that you cannot live without the person you love. True love proceeds from engagement to marriage to anniversaries. All along this way, diamond bands will keep your connection alive for long years to come. But one might get confused while selecting diamond wedding bands as they come in different shapes, sizes, cuts and carats. The solution is Khanna Jewels (KJ) – an online shop that sells exclusive collection of diamond jewellery including diamond wedding bands Design. We sell diamond jewellery of top notch quality […]

Weddings happen in the heaven, and to make your wedding day the most precious day, Queen Jewels has come up with the latest trendy designs of diamond wedding bands. The variety spread of wedding bands will help you choose the most precious symbol of love on the most precious day. Diamonds – The purest ever-shining gift Wedding is the most wonderful moment in a person’s life and adds beauty to that special occasion with the shining collection of wedding bands presented by Queen Jewels. What […]

Diamond rings hold the promise of eternity. They cement your relationship with your partner and exude the trust and sparkle of romantic commitment. Diamond rings celebrate the special moments of life and are eternal heirlooms. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features a beautiful collection of diamond rings. These include solitaire diamond rings, cocktail diamond rings, fancy colour diamond rings, solitaire black rings and yellow gold and white gold diamond wedding bands. Khanna Jewels provides the best of diamond wedding bands for the princess of your life […]

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