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Women to diamonds are just like butterflies to flowers….! Yes they cannot be separated. Women get the real beauty with their fingers adorned with diamond rings…just like flowers doubles the beauty with the presence of butterflies. We at Khanna Jewels bring never seen before assorted diamond ring designs just beautiful as butterflies. Find rings in romantic designs made with combination of colourful precious stones. Give wings to your dreams to fly wherever you wish with incredible and intellectual beauty. Are you in hurry to watch […]

Diamond jewellery is sought after by women everywhere. Since ages women have been wearing diamond jewellery to look regal and beautiful. A diamond is eternal and it provides you with timeless beauty. Among all types of jewellery, a diamond ring is cherished by most Indian women. A diamond and gold ring adds to the glamour and sophistication of a woman. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store selling exclusive collection of diamond jewellery such as diamond rings for women. At KJC, we understand the […]

So, you heard the sound of wedding bell rang. What is next? You have to look for that special sentimental gift for your girl. Yes, a wedding ring. Then, we at invite you to the mesmerizing world of diamond wedding rings designed to go beyond the dreams and expectations. Diamond wedding rings for women are entirely different from other form of jewels. It should not concentrate only on beauty. You will look for the presence of love, romance and commitment in it. And we […]

Wedding…! Words can’t bring the beauty and importance of this great moment. The day when you hold the hands of your dreamt girl, gives you lot of expectations, loads of love, countless promises, borderless romance, uncontrolled thrill and role of responsibilities. Yes, everyone feels a new start in the life with marriage and that too with countless blessings from your dear and near ones. There is one thing that completes thrill and fun of marriage day to make you feel it throughout the life and […]

Its wedding….!! It is years of dreams, lot of expectations, seamless surprises and borderless fantasies. The most awaited day in girl’s life that is to be written in golden words. Are you looking for something that is special and grand just as your great day? Then it is the time to shop for diamond wedding rings. Diamonds….they rule the hearts of women just as they rule jewel market. We at Khanna Jewels know that extra expectations of lulus on their special venues and hence bring […]

Diamond jewellery and women have been inseparable since ages. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with Ruby Diamond Rings which gives a royal look to their personality. A diamond is eternal, so is diamond jewellery which lasts for several lifetimes, like a family heirloom. Among all types of diamond jewellery, ruby diamond rings are most cherished by Indian women. The most coveted among these are solitaire rings. A ring in gold studded with diamonds and other precious stones add an element of feminism, glamour […]

Wedding rings made of diamonds are symbolic of timeless love because of their eternal nature. Diamond jewellery is truly versatile and matches any attire. Women everywhere have been wearing diamond rings to look beautiful as well as a mark of everlasting love. Some even wear rings those rings on a regular basis which have been presented to them by their husbands on their wedding day. These are called as wedding rings. Though the concept of wedding rings has been around since ancient times, using diamonds […]

The ring for your awaited day! At one point in our lives, we meet someone who defines love for us, and makes us live every moment we have fantasized. This person sure deserves the finest ring on your big day as a sign of unconditional love. Let the ring be a mark of your fairytale, which you will caress throughout the timeless journey of life with your love. Pick up an extravagant diamond ring for your exciting day to propose her in front of everyone […]

Want to commit to your loved one with a perfect ring? Antique design diamond rings are the soul of love and romance. They make for excellent engagement and wedding rings. A diamond ring is a precious treasure that represents the eternal promise of love. Your desire to get committed forever is symbolized by the sparkle of timeless diamonds. Antique design diamond rings celebrate life with panache and élan. They capture forever the special moments of confidence, power and beauty. We at Queen Jewels Inc feature […]

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