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A perfect emerald diamond ring is a great treasure which can be used at moments that last a lifetime- be it engagement or wedding. It is a precious possession that represents some of the eternal promises you made to your loved one. Emerald diamond rings are particularly valued for their timeless nature. The diamonds carry the message of ‘forever love’. They mark celebrations of life imbued with style statements. They stand for beauty, confidence and power. Khanna Jewels offer the best of emerald diamond rings […]

Engagement is an official bond that is made by exchanging rings between to be soon bride and groom. Since this a bond for lifetime, it is extremely important that the ring be chosen with extra care. Additionally, it has to be very special as it will always remind you of one of the most memorable days of life. So, why not add a green sparkle to your hands. Confused?? Ring with Green shimmering emerald and diamond, this is what it is. Emerald is one of […]

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