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An engagement is a significant milestone in the life of a person. Truly you make promises to your fiancé about certain lifelong promises. But, it is good also to present each other with tokens of your affection and promises with Diamond Ruby engagement ring. These symbols are made of diamonds and other precious stones like ruby, set in perfection at good jewellers like Khanna Jewels. natural ruby engagement rings are available at the site. Ruby diamond rings are ideal for the woman as: You might want […]

Diamonds are forever; you might have heard this. But, what makes these stunning stones everlasting is not just science, but also the love and care it receives from its owner. Its value has been known to overshadow grief among people when they witness its beauty. Khanna Jewelshas been an old player in the jewellery market offering these highly valuable cut stones of love and friendship. Their alluring red ruby diamond rings, and many others, have been a fan-favourite for years now. The intoxicating love and […]

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